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Ethics and Conduct Code

As Studio AIP, we always take very seriously in consideration every parameter that can contribute to improving the sustainability of our products, respecting the environment and the territory. The Company adopts organizational tools designed to prevent violation of the Law and the principles of transparency, fairness and loyalty on the part of its collaborators and employees. Environmental Quality of Work and the health and safety of workers are an integral part of our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We design our machines paying attention to the rational use of environmental and energetic resources. By appropriately sizing the various components, we get not only physical-engineering, dimensional and aesthetic advantages, but also environmental quality such as low noise and savings in materials and energy. Within our Test Hall ‐ which is equipped with a number of test machines, all of our conception ‐ the recorded noise is in fact less than 80 dB.

The location of our Lab includes a pine wood and a small vineyard that we constant care. In recent years, we have installed a fully integrated photovoltaic system on the entire surface of the south-facing roof and we have renovated the Instrumentation Hall according to modern energy parameters. Thanks to our progressive modernization, the entire structure is now free of asbestos.