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Measurers for every need

We produce Measurement Systems and various types of sensors to perform special measures and fitting specific needs. We design them to fulfill performances defined by the Costumers', taking into account:

Typical Full Scales range from a few grams to thousands of kilograms. We test, check and certify our platforms with careful calibrations, mono and multi axial. In this processing, we exploit our automatic Benches, using externally certified sample Load Cells. Therefore, we can supply each platform with our Calibration Document.

Following, we list a few significant examples of multi axial Measurement Groups:

Lateral view of the Concentricity Measurement System

Concentricity Measurement System (SMC)

Automatic measurement system of rolling stand concentricity. In particular, it allows to align gorges located inside counter rotating rollers which shape steel roundels.

The Concentricity Measurement System works by analyzing the signal of a precision Sensor located on a Turning Head. On top of it, a Measuring Head reads radial variations of the gorges at all angular positions.

When the bottom and top gorges need to be aligned, all radius are read in every quadrant with extreme precision. Differences are then computed with respect to the perfect alignment and all necessary adjustments are clearly shown on the workstation screen.

Several interchangeable Measuring Heads are available, in function of the required measurement. For instance:

  • type A for diameters ranging from 10 to 50 mm
  • type B for diameters ranging from 50 to 200 mm

Other types can be studied for additional diameters and offsets, as well.

Front view of the contactless Concentricity Measurement System
Front view of the contactless Concentricity Measurement System for rolling stands
Lateral view of the portable Workstation
The Workstation is contained into a portable bag. The control Software has an intuitive Graphical Interface with touchscreen interactions
Mechanical implementation of the SMC
Mechanical implementation of the Concentricity Measurement System with positioning heads responsible of the measurements
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Helicopter Weighing System

Helicopter Weighing System

Electronic system which exploits 3 very robust and lightweight Load Cells to perform the accurate weighing of an aircraft, or an helycopter.

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Wire Tension Measurer

Wire/Thread Tension Measurer

It is a very compact and modular system to accurately perform wire or thread tension measures. Particularly useful in looms, it is specifically designed to install multiple units in parallel, to precisely measure the tension of multiple threads.

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Tooth Push Measurer

Tooth Push Measurer

This system suits to perform the direct measure of the Forces exertes by teeth while chewing. The various types of measure probes are interchangeable and ‐ with just one instrumentation ‐ it is possible to obtain accurate measures on:

  • a single tooth
  • an half dental arch
  • a full dental arch

The reading of the load is not affeted by the teeth pushing position, provided that it is exerted within the milled surface of the probe. The ferrule can be removed from the handle: their connection is implemented with an IP68 connector, with snapping insertion/removal.

Three types of measurement probes
View of the threee types of measurement probe (installed on the handle): single (top), unilateral (center), bilateral (bottom)
Universal handle
Universal handle
Handle connected to the unilateral probe
Universal handle connected to the unilateral probe
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Digital Ratchet

Dental Torque Analisys - DTA

Electronic controlled screwdriver for endosseous implantology, remotely managed by a PC/Mac via a bidirectional Bluetooth connection. The sensing component is a stainless steel autoclavable ratchet with a one way clutch allowing to exert a torsional load in one direction only: clockwise, or reversing it, counter clockwise.

The digital ratchet is conected by wire to the instrumented Bluetooth device. The latter is powered by rechargeable batteries and sends to a PC/Mac the mesasured torsional load exerted during the spin. It is configured by our software presenting a tidy interface: configuring, managing, and visualizing the data is performed in realtime, with automatic plot and pdf report generation.

The Bluetooth device is very lightweight (c.a. 50 grams) and small (8 x 5 x 2 cm); its cable is very resistant and thin and flexible at the same time, allowing to put the device in, e.g., a white coat pocket.

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Screenshot of the software main window
Dedicated software (available for both Windows and MacOS): it shows the torsional load in realtime, storing, plotting, and certifying the Doctor work
Digital ratchet connected to the instrumented Bluetooth device
Digital ratchet connected to the Bluetooth device, which communicates with PC/Mac
DTA portable case
The DTA system is easy transported inside a small case
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Extremely low pressure sensor

Extremely low pressure sensor ‐ Level Sensor

Designed to precisely read very low pressures. This sensor is useful to carefully read liquid levels a few meters deep. It is hermetic and protected from contaminant liquids.

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