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In many years of study and experimentation in the field of Structural Mechanical Testing, we analyzed a multitude of real cases highlighting the critical issues and discrepancies from the intial estimates of the simulations (often provided to us directly by our Customers). Recall that each simulation runs calculations on the basis of mathematical representations and that in the realization of a product is not infrequent to observe discrepancies with respect to the implemented mathematical model, with consequent observations of unexpected mechanical behaviour. For the success of any project, it is very important to relate the mathematical model with experimental results.

The knowledge combined with the gained experience allows us to assist you every time that an unexpected rupture of a mechanical component occurs, or whenever arises the need to characterize a material, and to determine the mechanical behavior of a product.

Thanks to our advice, you will be able not only to solve your specific problem, but above all you can optimize your product from a structural point of view. This can lead to the tightening of critical parts, but also the alleviation of less stressed parts, or use of alternative materials.

Performing a structural analysis of a mechanical component may seem like a burden in the short term, but very often holds excellent opportunities for innovation, certifies compliance with the requirements, and brings greater quality to your products.