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Your need inspires our innovation. Since more than 30 years.
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We instrument Your mechanical components

Instrumented crank arm
Estensimetric Instrumentation of a bycicle crank arm: we apply the estensimeters several centimeters inside longitudinal blind holes with a diameter smaller than 1 mm (patented technology)

We own advanced and patented technology for Estensimetric Instrumentation of mechanical components. Often, we instrument on the basis of Costumer specific needs. We are solidly experienced in the Estensimetric Instrumentation and our most qualifying realizations include:

In the following, we categorize our products as:

In respect of the numerous Undisclosure Agreements we signed, we do not show You the many mechanical components (such as hubs, rotors, automotive components, and many others) that we regularly instrument. Nonetheless, it must be stressed that we have been working in several different contexts for a long time, often extremely competitive.