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High Performance Hydraulic Power Units

We project and realize Hydraulic Power Units to feed high performance Servo Actuators. These Power Units can be controlled both locally and by means of a remote Workstation. Several control systems are present for oil flux, filtering, and pressure check. Each Hydraulic Power Unit is composed of a soundproof structure with pivoting and lockable wheels, inside which are installed:

Electrical power is tipically provided by 380 VAC network: cooling is achieved with an oil-air heat exchanger group, usually installed within the Hydraulic Power Unit itself, or installed in a separate windy room.

All oleodynamic connections are usually realized with quick coupled pipes. Additionally, when an Hydraulic Power Unit is to feed more autonomous mono or multi axial Test Benches, one or more substations are added to keep each Bench independent from the others.

We take care of keeping the overall loudness very low: in addition to the obvious advantages, a silent Hydrauli Power Unit is often necessary since these units are often located inside Laboratories, where the presence of technicians and engineers is frequent.

Small sized Hydraulic Power Unit
Small Hydraulic Power Unit (4 kW)
Large sized Hydraulic Power Unit
Large Hydraulic Power Unit (50 kW)
Single channel Hydraulic Substation
Single channel Hydraulic Substation
Multi channel Hydraulic Substation
3 channel Hydraulic Substation