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Modern and Flexible Structure

Picture of the internals of Studio AIP Laboratory
View of a portion of our Test Lab, equipped with several Test Benches for Structural Testing, Servo Actuators and Workstations

Our Test Laboratory spreads over an area exceeding 600 square meters and includes a covered hall for Structural Testing equipped with numerous machines for mechanical testing and an area dedicated to the Electronic Instrumentation.

Structural Testing Hall

Here is where we manufacture our Test Benches both for our Customers and for our internal use: we perform several tests, for characterization / pre-stress, static strength evaluation and fatigue tests.

The numerous Test Benches available ‐ with column and torsional layouts ‐ are completely of our project and realization. Thet allow for calibrations, static tests, dynamic tests and fatigue tests of low and high frequency, with loads ranging from a few kilos to hundreds of tons:

  • tension-compression with F.S. +/- 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 kN
  • compression with F.S. up to 1.000 kN
  • torsion with F.S. +/- 1, 4, 10 kNm

The wide adjustment ranges make it possible to carry out tests on mechanical components of much different characteristics.

We also own Test Benches with Modular Universal layout, that we designed, built and from time to time set up with different types of Servo Actuators. This way, we are able to perform multiple simultaneous and independent tests on the same Bench, or tests in which the forces are applied in accordance to complex multi-axial geometries, keeping short realization and execution times.

We also design and manufacture all the Servo Actuators required to apply the loads, the mono- and multi-axial load cells for accurate reading of the forces, as well as the Workstation and Software for closed loop control of each module.

The Test Hall is equipped with about 30 servo-systems, which can be installed on the various Benches to fit the test requirements. 4 hydraulic centrals working at 210 bar provide the necessary power through a line of pipes with 9 substations. Each test is then independent of the others and is driven and controlled by one of the 10 Workstation, single and multi-axial, with programs for:

  • programming the methodology and test parameters, according to the specific needs of various types of test (static, pre-stress, fatigue in repeated cycles, block, random, etc.).
  • acquisition and automatic processing of the calibration data and issuance of certification documents
  • acquisition and automatic processing of the data during the tests

In support, we own various linear transducers ‐ with F.S. ranging from +/- 0.25 mm. 500 mm ‐ and electronic instruments such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes, etc.

Estensimetric and Electronic Instrumentation Hall

In the area dedicated to the Electronic Instrumentation we perform customized instrumentation of mechanical components. We also produce Load Cells, Measurment platforms, Measurment groups, and special sensors tailored to specific applications, and extensometers for both static and fatigue tests.

We have at our disposal sample Load Cells ‐ periodically calibrated in SIT certified centers ‐ with whom we constantly verify the accuracy of our measurements and the calibration of each instrument that we produce.